Bytessence UserbarGenerator

Bytessence UserbarGenerator 1.1

Try UserbarGenerator to tailor your motto or name in an effective way


  • Creates user bars in few easy steps
  • Add reflection effects


  • Not possible to change font type or size
  • Bar shape not modifiable

Not bad

Are you looking for a simple, modern looking signature to add to your forum posts? Here’s an easy way to create a coloured bar where you can tailor the background colours and lines and add the text you prefer with either your name or your preferred motto.

UserbarGenerator lets you choose from many options, all available in the main program’s frame, but in different tabs. From Style, Background and Text there are many ways you can create your personalized bar. Tick the “Use Scalines” options if you would like to add graphic lines on the background of your bar, modify their intensity and try to see how the reflection tool would look like on your bar.

In the background section you can either change the start or end colours of your bar, together with the vertical or horizontal gradient type. The Text tab follows - simply add the words you would like to appear on the bar and select their horizontal and vertical position. Once finished, simply click on the last step to save your user bar as a PNG file, ready to be added as signature on your forum posts.

If you need a user bar, not particularly complex but easy to create and modify, try UserbarGenerator to design your motto or name in an effective way.

BUG is a free, fast and small program that helps you create userbars for use as forum signatures. It was built to simplify the design process so you don't have to use complicated drawing programs and still get your favorite userbars in seconds.


  • Very easy to use
  • 7 scanline effects
  • 3 reflection effects
  • Supports vertical/horizontal gradient backgrounds
  • Transparency effects for scanlines, reflection and text
  • Can use 32bit graphics, supports transparency mask
  • Can run off an USB memory stick

Bytessence UserbarGenerator


Bytessence UserbarGenerator 1.1

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